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My Testimony

Before i was born, i was stuck in my mom's ribcage and i was a month late. they had to do a c-section to get me out...i almost died. then when i was 9 months old i almost died again, the doctors had to do surgery on my head to save my life. i have a scar from one side of my head to the other, the also took 1/4 inch bone out of my forehead to keep me from going blind...i have a soft spot on the top of my head where the bone didn't heal all the way after the surgery....for the first 9 years of my life i had seizures. the tips of my fingers would bend back touching my wrists, shake all over, turn blue, eyes rolled back in my head, the whole bit....the doctors said i would have to take medicine until i was 18, well i quit taking it in 1983, 6 years after my last seizure in 1977....i haven't had one since and i turned 48 back in parents were not christian and they fought all the time so my memories of my childhood are very few. but i had a prayin grandma that covered me with her prayers that i didn't follow in their footsteps, i never drank smoked or teenage years were very painful and there was a lot of emotional abuse from my father (he and i were NOT close at all) and he put me down saying i'd never amount to anything, i was stupid, and all that negative junk...well as shy as i was back then i believed it....i had a soft heart and when it came time for my first invitation to go to church in 1992 i went and a week later i was took a couple years for me to grow spiritually emotionally and all the way around but with the help of my christian family i overcame all that negative stuff. next May will be 25 years i have known the Lord and he has delivered me from all the pain of my past and i'm happier than i have ever been in all my life....i look forward to what else he has in store for me!


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