Cowboy Roy's Gospel


when Jesus takes my hand

when Jesus takes my hand as i step inside the gates

my heart's gonna cry for joy for heaven i just can't wait

sin will be left far behind heartaches and trials no more

the beauty of heaven i'll view strolling by the crystal shore

when Jesus takes my hand and i see him eye to eye

my worries will forever go and i'll soar into the sky

angels will meet me there and i'll lift my voice to sing

forever my savior i'll praise and heaven's skies will ring

when Jesus takes my hand i'll gaze upon his lovely face

hurting hearts and crying eyes will be gone without a trace

i'll humbly bow at his feet and dance around the throne

for at long last i'll be in my heavenly home

she touched the Lord's heart and now she touches his face

she touched the Lord's heart down here on earth and now she touches his face

she's up in the sweet land of heaven a truly glorious place

down here her life upon the earth put a sparkle in God's eye

now he's taken her soul to a place where it will never die

she served him with everything she had

starting the day he saved her soul

so she wanted to follow her master and thank him for making her whole

she touched lives and healed broken hearts

her efforts did not go in vain

for the Lord had been right beside her it was all done in his name

now she walks hand in hand with him and gazes into those loving eyes

and soars into the air with angel's wings into the crystal blue skies

she doesn't regret all the things she did

she didn't do it for glory or fame

the only reason that she did it was to bring honor to his name


a little boy went in his mama's room one night and walked over to her bed

he laid his head on her chest she woke up and to her this is what he said

mama you've been sick for so long and i admit i am so scared

that one day you're gonna be gone i wanted to make sure your heart was beating there tears fills his eyes when he raised his head and he said mama i do love you so

why is God taking you to heaven i don't want you to go

she told her little man wiping many tears he's not taking me but receiving me home remember when your heart beats i am there too so you will never be alone

then came the night she had to leave he begged her to take him along

she said no you're daddy will need you here to help him for he will not be so strong

then the light was turned out and the angels called her away

her race is done and her pain through gone to the land of the endless day

years have passed since then the boy has grown as he visits the place where his mama lay

he is not alone for he feels his heart he remembers the words his mama did say

when you feel your heartbeat remember i am there with you

i will continue to live on wherever you go i will be there too

don't cry any tears for me my son for in heaven i do now abide

you are a part of me and i am part of you i live on forevermore i have not died

these words bring comfort and rest but a tear falls from his eye

he says these words out loud mama i can't wait to be by your side

but i know that while i'm still here you are a part of me and i'm a part of you

and one day soon i'll see you again in that land called heaven beyond the blue

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