Cowboy Roy's Gospel


outside that beautiful gate

sin you cannot enter here death must go away

disease and sickness have been left to their fate

worldly pleasures,anxiety and worry will all be left outside that beautiful gate

tears and body pain will cease death's hand will be felt no more

all these things and many more will be left outside of heaven's door

outside that beautiful gate sorrow is cast aside

for it cannot enter in when the gates open wide

outside that beautiful gate night will come no more

no more parting ever again on the other side of heaven's door

only pure and holy things can come in unholy things won't have the key

all suffering,hate and anger will be left outside from all these things we will be free

dancing on streets of gold

all of our friends & loved ones who have gone on before

have walked through the pearly gates & sit beside the crystal shore

all pain & sorrow is gone & there are no more tears to cry

no more growing old in that sweet sweet by & by

what glory & majesty in that place they now view

for joy reigns supreme in heaven i know this is true

the celebration starts in that beautiful land of joy untold

and all of our friends and loved ones start dancing on streets of gold

dancing on streets of gold what a sight that is to see

praising Jesus for all of sweet eternity

dancing on streets of gold thanking God for his amazing grace

in that marvelous glorious place

they view the half not told

and forever dance on streets of gold

their steps are no longer slow and their spirit is free

diseases and sickness are gone up in that sweet eternity

sin has also been cast far away

in that land of the everlasting day

beautiful mansions that are beyond compare

they now wear robes and crowns so fair

viewing sights that can't be told

and dancing on streets made of gold

these eyes

these eyes have seen a lot of heartache and they have cried a many a tear

i have walked many a lonesome road which i've traveled for many years

i have carried a lot of burdens there's time my spirit has been low

but my Lord has always been with me he's always with me wherever i go

my heart has been broken many times i didn't think it would ever mend

but i made it through all the hard times with the help of my greatest friend

one day i know it will all be over these hard trials will be a thing of the past

and i will enter into heaven's city where i will meet Jesus at last

 then these eyes will gaze into the face of mercy and all my cares will forever go away when i stand in front of my savior i know exactly what i will say

Lord i thank you for opening my blinded eyes and i thank you for dying for me

i thank you for the blood you shed long ago that dark day on a hill called calvary

then i'll bow at the feet of my master i'll praise him for making me whole

and for eternity i'm gonna stand beside him in the beautiful land of the soul

only by the mercy of God

i may look like an ordinary man on the outside

but inside my veins flows the blood of a king

for he came and washed the old all away

and it just makes me want to shout and sing

there's something very different about my life

the very son of God lives within my heart

his spirit now dwells deep in my soul

and his power keeps me from falling apart

i have a heart just like any other man

but by the mercy of God i'm not the same

for i've been set apart from the world

because i believe in his precious name

i don't deserve all he gives me

but i will still hold to his mighty hand

for it was his hand that changed my life

and he will continue to help me stand

only by the mercy of God am i here in this world

he always takes care of me when evil at me is hurled

only by the mercy of God can i stand before him clean

so until he calls me away to him i will always cling

her home in the sky

she had such a sweet face you should have seen the sparkle in her eye

everytime i would see her she'd talk of her home in the sky

her body was filled with pain she no longer could walk on her own

but no matter what she went through she always talked of going home

going home she would need no wheelchair she would receive her wings to fly

her body would be filled with pain no longer and there would be no more tears to cry

in her home in the sky she have perfect peace & need not worry of ever growing old

walking hand in hand with the savior Jesus forever viewing sights and beauty untold

i just learned today that she was now gone from my eyes the tearsdrops started to flow

i would not see that smiling face again but deep down inside my heart i know

she's gone home with no more need for a wheelchair she now has her wings to fly

her body filled with pain no longer and tears from her eyes she'll never cry

there she'll live forever in perfect peace with no more worry of ever growing old

walking hand in hand with the savior Jesus forever viewing sights and beauty untold

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