Cowboy Roy's Gospel


tribute to daddy

you're not in a wheelchair anymore

and you've got what you longed for

i can see the light that's in your eyes

in your eternal home in the skies

i know that you'll be happy forevermore

walking alongside of the crystal shore

while you were here on this old world

i was happy to be your little girl

the times that we shared were so grand

i loved to sit and hold your hand

i never dreamed that i would be here alone

then 3 years ago came my greatest fear

you left this earth but i know that you're still near

when you stood before those gates of pearls

Jesus said to you those precious words

you won't need that chair in here

then he took your hand and held you near

i can see all of these scenes take place

and though tears run down my face

i hold within my soul the very key

we'll be together again just you and me

on the potter's wheel

i have these beautiful ceramic swans they have been broken so many times

i just didn't have the heart to throw them away for they belonged to a dear friend of mine

so i glued them back together again and they look good as new

i think that's how God sees us each one on earth me and you

he puts us upon the potter's wheel and molds and shapes us each day

when a piece falls off he fixes it he doesn't throw it away

we are like clay in the master's hands when he puts us on the potter's wheel

then i think about those broken swans and exactly how they must feel

my life has been shattered many times sometimes beyond my repair

i sink far down into depression deep into the realms of despair

but not for long for the Lord comes and places me on the stand

he chips away all the rough edges with his gentle loving hands

he puts me on the potter's wheel molds and shapes me each day

when my life falls apart he glues it together his way

i'm the clay in his gentle hands when i am put on the potter's wheel

his touch erases all imperfection and i am marked with his seal

the next minute

you might be here one minute the next minute you could be gone

you could be living and breathing now the next you could be in your eternal home

you might think you've got it made that you are never gonna die

but God's got your departure at hand from where he reigns in the sky

you live like there's no tomorrow and you don't care to change

though people tell you the good news you choose to remain the same

you ignore the whispers in your ear and the tugging at your heart

you should take heed to the spirit right now is a good time to start

christian people tell you the gospel that Jesus died for all your sins

he was sacrificed for our redemption so into heaven we could enter in

beware of turning your Jesus away for one day you will die

you'll stand before your maker in sin and he'll say depart from me goodbye

the king of all glory

the king of all glory was here before this world began

there was nothing but space then came the mighty God's hand

in an instant heaven was created and a beautiful world below

the stars in the sky were made and it pleased him so

he made the mountains rise and made the deep blue sea

he created the birds and beasts and the green grass in the field

the birds fly on his breath the lilies grow under his eye

the trees all reach to him where he reigns in the sky

the crystal blue rivers and streams are guided by his hand

the presence of God is seen all across this glorious land

he then created a living soul to which i directly descend

and then he sent his mercy and i found my greatest friend

the king of all glory lives here in this beating heart of mine

there are no more words to say how i feel of this king so fine

the king of all glory lives in sweet heaven up above so fair

and one day he'll take me with him so heaven's glory i will share

waiting by the gate

i can almost see him now in his robe of spotless white

he's standing there before me with his arms held open wide

he's waiting there by the gate standing by the crystal shore

one day he will take me home to live with him forevermore

since the day i accepted Jesus as savior he has always watched over me

i have not walked through this life alone for he has always been with me

he has kept his hand in mine every step along the way

one of these days very soon he'll call me home and i can't wait for that day

i have had many trials and tests to go through and i have cried many sad lonely tears

but my Jesus has been the strength of my heart and he takes away all my fears

he has promised me a home in heaven what a glorious home that must be

to suffer pain and heartache no longer and to forevermore be truly free

the fire that can't be put out

have you ever seen a forest fire how it rages out of control

burning everything that's in it's path going whichever way it chooses to go

once it starts it's hard to put out sometimes it burns for many days

but with the help of many men and water it will go away

i'm here to tell you of a place you may not think is real

but it's as real as God up above i hope this changes how you feel

there is a place that's full of pain people there will scream and shout

there will be no water to drown the fire that can't be put out

wailing and gnashing of teeth with cries that can chill to the core

will not last for just one day but will last forevermore

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