Cowboy Roy's Gospel


it's your choice

 there's a flicker of light inside you longing to become a flame

but that's nothing compared to where you'll go if you don't call Jesus's name

there no sunlight in total darkness flames of fire will envelop your soul

that's the place you'll be headed if you are not made free and whole

demons will tear and eat and your flesh you will not ever know any peace

you will be in constant pain and agony it will go on forever and not cease

you will be forever separated from God final judgement is your choice

so while you're here in this life be saved while you have the voice

for if you choose to walk away and reject the savior and his love

you'll not ever know the joy and beauty of heaven above

when your time on earth is over and you stand before Jesus in sin

you're not found in the book of life he will not let you in

you'll cry and beg and plead but your fate will have been lost

because you rejected Jesus Christ you must now pay the cost

the broad gate is opened and you are being pulled inside

forever not just one day you'll burn with satan in ther lake of fire

it's true he has risen

mary walked to the tomb carrying spices

her heart was heavy from events of the day before

she was crying why did this have to be

they had crucified her sweet savior and Lord

she was not prepared for what she saw for when the sun had risen that day

as she arrived at the borrowed tomb the great stone had been rolled away

as she looked into the dark cavern inside she saw that his body was no longer there

then 2 angels appeared and frightened her

they said please you do not have to be scared

where have they taken my sweet heavenly Lord to the 2 angels mary cried out loud

he is not here the angels said he has risen

for this earthly stone could not keep him bound

her heart so rejoiced what they had told her she rushed to tell the disciples the news

at first they did not believe her story but she said he has risen it's really true

so they went to the tomb with her everything was there just like mary had said

the folded napkin the empty grave clothes their sweet savior had risen from the dead

he had kept his promise after 3 days when i am laid in the tomb i'll rise again

they were all so very overjoyed that they could not wait to see him

when they all gathered together in one place one could not believe till he saw with faith

Jesus his sweet lord stood before him and he cried it's real my savior has been raised

then Jesus said i can only stay for awhile for i must go to be with my father again

but don't worry i go to prepre places for you

then i'll come and take you from this world of sin

several days later what the Lord said took place

and they watched the Lord rise up into the air

as they heard him say listen for the trumpet do my work and as always take care

the power of the father

God raised his son from the dead after he lay there for 3 days

the angel rolled away the stone and then Jesus was carried away

the power of the father moved to return life to his son

to be a great witness for all that he is the only one

i felt the power of the son move inside me 4 years ago

i know i am not forsaken he is always with me i know

one day my time will come to die and i'll be laid there in my grave

but one day the trumpet will sound and once again i will be raised

God will raise me up from the dead my spirit will fly through the air

six feet of dirt will not stop the power of the father getting there

the power of the father returns life and it forever changes my soul

and as i rise up through the air meeting Jesus will be my goal

listen to the lamb

there's a voice that calls to us each on of us you and me

he wants to be part of our lives if we can only see

he wants us to talk to others and tell them of his love

how it hurts him when we don't listen and some don't get to heaven above

we need to listen to the lamb just to hear his sweet voice

he'll save your soul while you're here while you still have the choice

we need to listen to the lamb and talk to him in prayer

if we ever need his help no matter what he's always there

if you're having a lot of worry just deciding what to do

listen to the precious lamb and he will help you through

i'll fly with the angels

down here on the earth my feet are planted on the ground

you will find on my body no wings are there to be found

i will not ever fly high like an eagle in the air

while i'm down here on the earth but i will when i get there

i'll fly with the angels when i receive my wings

i'll rise and spread them while all the angels sing

when i step through the gates when they ask me to come in

my heart will cry for joy for i've left the world of sin

my savior will come to me and he'll take me by the hand

and he'll say here are your wings and i will soar across the land

i'll fly with the angels when i receive my wings

i'll rise and spread them while all the angels sing

my savior will say to me for serving me so great

my child go try your wings and believe me i can't wait

i'll fly with the angels when i receive my wings

i'll rise and spread them while all the angels sing

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