Cowboy Roy's Gospel


i'm going home

her time on earth would soon be done

as her family gathered round her bed

she couldn't move or talk

if she could have she would have said

i'm going home my trials are over

i'm going home my race here is through

so don't cry for me cuz i'm leaving

i'm going home and i'll be waiting for you

tears were flowing like a river

as her family said goodbye

the next day she was gone from her body

to live in the sweet by and by

i am at home no more pain or sorrow

i am at home with a body brand new

so don't cry for me cuz i've left there

i am at home and i am waiting for you

saved from the fire

i've been saved from the fire saved from the flame

because of the power there is in Jesus' name

the darkest pit cannot bind me or drag me down

i will not be held by satan for i'm heaven bound

there was a place i was once headed when satan had control

my life had no meaning at all sin had doomed my soul

despair and heartache ruled me and tears filled my eyes

i didn't know this place was real and the flame would never die

but then one day i heard about Jesus and his love for me was real

so i rushed home one lonely night and on my knees i kneeled

i asked the Lord into my heart and soul and my sins were washed away

so instead of the broader gate below i'll take the narrow way

i've been saved from the fire saved from the flame

the hottest flame will not touch me because i spoke his name

satan has no power in my life because of who i serve

and one day i'm going to live there in the mansion i deserve

the keeper of my heart

the Lord's presence is all around me i can feel his power and sweet grace

the light of his wonderful love can reveal the deepest darkest place

he is the keeper of my heart he is the one who guardeth my soul

mere words cannot ever really say how i feel of the one who made me whole

blessings continue to fall from heaven the Lord has given me great things

just the mention of his precious name makes my heart want to shout and sing

he has given me strength and courage where there was not any to be found

i know that with him as my guide i will have peace and be heaven bound

his spirit will continue to lead me all that i have to do is just follow

he tells me just live life each day do not ever worry about tomorrow

i'm glad he's the keeper of my heart joy floods my soul when this i say

the moment he came into my heart as long as i live there he will stay

don't get left behind

don't get left behind i want you to come with me

to a place where streets are gold and there is a crystal blue sea

don't get left behind ask him to free you from sin

or when it comes your time he will not ask you in

don't get left behind i'm begging you please

just open up your heart and get down on your knees

don't get left behind you only get one try

if you get left behind all you will do is cry

don't get left behind it's not hard to understand

if you will follow him you'll receive God's holy land

don't get left behind and friend please don't delay

or when your time is up you'll go the other way

oh how i long to be there

oh how i long to be there in that land where i'll have no cares

bask in the glory of my savior to look at his precious face so fair

o how i long to be there and hold all my loved ones hands

my heart cries out to be there above all sorrow in the glory land

this world that i live in now holds no place in my heart

for the son shines in me i travel in a world so dark

i get so weary of all the hard times the load just drags me down

that's when i think about my home where no tears can be found

oh how i long to be there up in sweet heaven i'll abide

i'll stand hand in hand with Jesus the very son of God who was crucified

oh how i long to be there and see my dear friends who are gone

with all tears and sorrow behind us we'll all gather around Jesus' throne

the world that i'll live in then such joy will fill my heart

the son will forevermore shine no longer will i walk in the dark

weary times will all be gone no longer will they drag me down

for all eternity i'll be home where no tears will ever be found

all about my Jesus

way up in heaven the almighty Jesus sits high upon his throne

he always walks beside me i know i'm never alone

his eyes never close in sleep he doesn't need any rest

he lives within my heart and my life is so blessed

my world is no longer empty because of the one i serve

his grace was sent down to me so much more than i deserve

i've got a never ending song Jesus has put into my life

he who freed me from chains and placed joy where there was strife

he supplies my every need and he will never fail

 for victory was won on calvary by three old rusty nails

his precious blood was spilled and it ran down the cross

to signify hope for everyone in this world that was lost

he went down in the pit for me and battled with satan 3 days

then God called him up and away and burst open the hold of the grave

he wipes away each tear i cry and restores the joy to my soul

i truly praise Jesus Christ the one who made me whole

he gives me strength that i need when mine is nowhere to be found

to him i am so very grateful and to sin no longer am i bound

my heart cries out everytime i feel the anointing power on me

my every care and worry are gone for praise the Lord he set me free

he is my shelter in the storm when the clouds are cold and dark

so i don't have to worry about the world falling around my heart

all i have to do is call out and speak out his holy name

then his holy spirit falls down and nothing is ever the same

so i'll forevermore sing the praise to my savior in heaven above

for i know without him here i would never ever have such love

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