Cowboy Roy's Gospel


the angels came and led him home

his love for the lord was so strong

and to be with him oh he did long

his body had become tired and weak

when he opened his mouth the gospel he did speak

he often talked of the streets of gold

and having the savior's hand to hold

that he couldn't wait for the day

that Jesus would call him away

we often talked of what it would be like

to live in heaven free from sorrow and strife

how great it would be to feel no pain

and to be truly happy once again

the other day we had a sweet loving talk

he had grown so weak that he couldn't walk

so i sang to him the sweet gospel sounds

and the heavenly spirit was all around

after some time had come and gone

i told him i had to go home

so we shook hands and said goodbye

if i'm not here he said i'll see you on high

i called him up 2 days later

he said he was feeling better

i told him i couldn't make it tonight

i'd come on sunday and he said all right

then 2 days later i found he was gone

 for the angels came and led him home

now he's where he's wanted to be for so long

and the new body he has not weak but strong

now he waits for me on the other side

the jordan river is not so wide

when they open the gates and let me in

we'll both be together once again

when i fall before the king

when i fall before the king i'll lay all my burdens down

in that land that knows no sorrow i'll receive a robe and crown

what glory and majesty on that day i will see

when i fall before the king i will forevermore be truly free

in my mind i can see it all so very clear

and i know that day is drawing near

when my time on this old world will be through

and i'll walk on golden streets this is true

where once again i'll hold loved ones hands

it will all be so grand

but i greater joy awaits me there you see

the precious one who died for me

when i fall before the king i'll have joy like i've never known

when i humbly bow at his feet where he sits upon his throne

he will gently raise me to my feet and erase all my fears

 in that land above all heartaches where i will know no more tears

reaching for my hand

i remember when i was lost in the darkness no sunlight was anywhere around

no peace or joy down in my soul the chains of sin had me bound

i didn't know someone was calling me longing to take my pain and hurt away

but he just kept biding his time because he knew i would someday

Jesus was reaching for my hand to let me come into the fold

 he said i'll give you your freedom and you'll have sweet riches untold

i didn't hear him calling to me i couldn't see his nail scarred hand

but he knew i would very soon for it was part of his precious plan

my sins were dragging me even deeper there was no way i could climb out

till i heard the old gospel story and found what calvary was about

so that night i fell on my knees where i best learned how to stand

then i saw my dear sweet savior yes Jesus was reaching for my hand

my time with my savior is so sweet since i have let him take control

my life is so much better and free and i have sweet peace in my soul

for he abides with this old heart and walks right by me all the while

i know he'll always be with me until i go my last mile

then at last Jesus will reach for my hand and say my precious child welcome home

with the troubles of this world gone i know i will never again roam

then i will take his hand in mine and gaze into those sweet loving eyes

then i will know that i'm home in heaven up in those crystal skies

Jesus is ready to come

Jesus is ready to come but the church isn't ready to go

he is patiently waiting to hear the trumpet blow

he's longing to step on out on a big white glory cloud

Jesus is ready to come but the church isn't ready now

it was a long time ago when Jesus walked here on earth

he healed the brokenhearted and give sinners a new birth

when he left his disciples and rose up in the air

he said i'll be back again and my glory we will share

christians what's the holdup won't you tell me what is wrong

we all should be gettin ready for it won't be very long

he's waiting for his father to call him to his side

and say split the sky wide open and with him we will fly

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