Cowboy Roy's Gospel


down by my bedside

there was a time many years ago i was so lost and alone

like a lost lamb i went astray i couldn't find my way home
i crossed paths with someone who invited me to church
i said i would love to go after all what could it hurt
how was i to know that two weeks after that very day
something would change my life i would live a different way
that night i hit my knees wanting to be made whole
so i cried out to heaven and Jesus saved my soul
down by my bedside i said a little prayer
all the burdens i had no longer did i bear
down by my bedside my life was not the same
the very night i was saved my whole world was changed
many years after that day what a time it has been
my time with him is sweet for he now abides within
i owe so much to Jesus for bringing me this far
i was he that washed me clean and healed my scars
and to think it all began with a simple little prayer
it might have been many years ago but i can see myself there
down by my bedside calling to the Lord above
asking him to free me and fill me with his love
down by my bedside bound by sin no longer
and with the passing of time my love for him grows stronger

the fields of bethlehem

the fields of Bethlehem were covered with snow

when something special happened long long ago
up in heaven the angels began to sing
and all across the land their voices did ring
a great star appeared high above the earth
to signify the coming of a precious birth
shepherds and wise men came to bow
at the greatness that was before them now
there in a manger covered with hay
was where as a baby our savior did lay
so all the people could know great joy
Jesus came to earth as a little boy
his mother mary and joseph marvelled at the sight
for around this dear babe shone a great light
but they could not have ever believed
great gifts from this birth they would receive
the Lord left his sweet glory above
to come so the world would know his love
that's what happened long ago on this very day
so before you start about and on your way
stop and think about it for awhile
i'm sure that you'll begin to smile
when you think about why he came
oh the holiness of his precious name
spread good tidings here and all around
and let the earth be filled with sounds
so let's sing great praise and join our hands
and remember the fields of Bethlehem

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