Cowboy Roy's Gospel


It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Day

 It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Day There and it will never end

Night will be a stranger and there's no more sin
Sorrow sickness and pain will all be just a memory
Praising the Lamb upon the throne for all eternity
Oh the sights we will see not viewed by mortal eyes
In this city called Beulah up yonder in the skies
Walking and talking with all of the saints of old
And finally hearing the half that's not been told

streets of Gold will glisten the pearly gates will shine
In this eternal day there will be sweet peace of mind
In this holy city not made by the hand of mortal men
It is only a home to those who have been born again
All of our friends and loved ones who are already there
They laid down their burdens and all their cares

The redeemed will start singing in this wonderful place
Thankful for Jesus and his sweet amazing grace
They will never again tire or will they grow old
Up there in heaven the land of the free and whole
The glory of that city on high is far beyond compare
And oh how I do long to one day be there
Rejoicing in paradise beyond the stars up above

getting to see Jesus and thank him for his love

Come Home to Me

You've been lost in your sin for so long

You can't find any reason to keep going on
Nothing that you do seems to go right
And you're to weak to stand up and fight
Let me tell you I am watching you from above
And I want you give you all of my love
But before I can loose the chains and set you free
You have to give your heart and soul to me

Come home to me 
My arms are waiting for you
I long to take away your pain 
I know what you're going through
You are my creation
But I want you to be my child
Turn your life over to me
And come and rest awhile

Do you feel the knocking on your heart
That is my spirit please let me in
I have so much that I can give to you
And I want to be your closest friend 
There's no need to wait any longer
You don't have to keep searching anymore
I have got all you will ever need
But you must open your hearts door

Come home to me
My broken hearted friend 
Let me dry all your tears
You can start over again
Reach up and take my hand
call upon my holy name
For I promise when you do
Your life will never be the same

If Our Loved Ones Could Speak to Us From Heaven

if our loved ones could speak to us from heaven

oh what a beautiful tale they would tell
all the sufferings of this world are behind them
and with their souls all is now well
pain and disease have been left outside the gate
there's no more tears for them to cry
they stroll hand in hand with the King of Kings
up there in the sweet by and by

oh what stories they would share if they could
hearing angels sing meeting saints of old
they have laid down all their burdens and cares
and their feet now trod the streets of gold
there's no more night and all sorrow is past
all is peace and sweet joy in that land
they have a mansion with their name on the door
and at the throne of God they stand

they would say don't cry for me for i'm happy
from earthly cares i have been set free
remember the Lord said we will meet again
and we'll be together for all eternity
so this is not goodbye it's just see you later
a sweet reunion is not so very far away
they will be standing by those pearly gates
to greet us when we get home that day

God's Gonna Shine on You in the Morning

you may be going through a dark night 

but God's gonna shine on you in the morning
tonight your eyes are filled with tears
but tomorrow you'll shout and sing
this trial you're facing will soon pass
and joy will replace all the sorrow
you may be going through a dark night
but God will shine on you tomorrow

this heavy burden has brought you down
and your joy has been taken away
the pressure is more than you can take
and you can't see the light of day
you feel you've lost all your hope
and you cry tears of sorrow
you may be going through a dark night
but God will shine on you tomorrow

just hold on for help is coming
straight from heaven above
God knows what you're going through
and he will send you his wonderful love
the dark times will soon be gone
tears will vanish without a trace
the next day you'll find joy
he'll shine on you with his grace

Living With Jesus

living with Jesus not just one day but forevermore

walking beside that peaceful crystal shore
the stress and strain of life on earth behind
to know true joy and sweet peace of mind
living with Jesus holding his nail scarred hand
viewing the sights of that beautiful land
all of our loved ones who have gone before
are living with Jesus now and evermore

the moment our loved ones breathed their last breath
and their eyes forever closed in death
they were taken to sweet heaven up above
a land of joy untold and wonderful love
all their cares and woes were left outside the gate
sadness and sickness had the same fate
they now stand before the lover of their souls
and they bow and thank him for making them whole

living with Jesus praising the majesty of his name
to never have sorrow,sin or shame
a brand new immortal body to never grow old
and to walk upon those streets of gold
living with Jesus the bright and morning star
holding his hand and seeing his scars
they now see all the sights in heaven so fair
living with Jesus never to have another care

Salvation's Song

salvation's song is what we'll all sing when we reach heaven

about how Jesus made us free and whole
the blood of the spotless holy lamb of God
washed us clean and white as snow
forevermore we'll praise him for his sacrifice
to set us free he died and rose again
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords gave his all
to redeem us from each and every sin

wearing our shining white robes and gleaming crowns
we'll all gather around his throne to meet
and then one by one we'll lay them down
at his precious nail scarred feet
then we'll sing to him salvation's song
of how he took all our sins away
and the song will fill the halls of heaven
in that land of the endless day

forevermore we are set free and redeemed
bought by the blood of the precious lamb
oh the glory of that wonderful day
when we'll all praise the great I AM
we'll give him all the honor and glory
and for eternity we'll still go strong
to be in the presence of Jesus always
and sing to him salvation's song

When I Make it To Heaven I'll Be Home

All my life I've been alone

But when I make it to heaven I'll be home

Sitting here thinking of days gone by
Oh how the years just seem to fly
In this world of toil and danger
I don't belong here I'm just a stranger
My heart cries out for that wonderful day
When Jesus will call me home to stay

The pearly gates will swing open wide
Jesus will be waiting on the other side
No longer will I ever be alone
When I make it to heaven I'll be home

When I take my final breath and close my eyes
I'll be headed for that sweet by and by
All my sorrows will vanish without a trace
When I look upon the dear savior's face

The pearly gates will swing open wide
Jesus will be waiting on the other side
No longer will I ever be alone
When I make it to heaven I'll be home

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