Cowboy Roy's Gospel


This Cowboy is Gonna Go Up

one of these days this cowboy is gonna go up

and he ain't gonna come back down
my boots, hat and clothes will be left behind
but my feet are gonna leave the ground
i'm just waiting to hear that trumpet play
and i'll sail up through the clear blue sky
there ain't no need to cry or look for me
i'm headed to that roundup bye and bye

i love my western clothes yes that's just me
so don't look for me to change my style
my cowboy shirts and boots suit me fine
wearing my hat belt and buckle make me smile
i always wear them when i'm out and about
and anyone who knows me knows it is true
but one day i'm gonna leave them all behind
when i sail up in the air beyond the blue

when that trumpet blasts that heavenly tune
i'll be gone in the twinkling of an eye
my clothes will be all that's left behind
when i go sailing through the sky
you can look for me all you want to
my boots, shirt and hat are all that's found
cuz one of these days this cowboy is gonna go up
and he ain't ever coming back down

God's Directory

are you in God's directory

is your name found in the book of life
are you washed in the blood of Jesus 
are you free from sorrow and strife
are you covered in his precious blood
do you know about his saving grace
when your life here is through at last
will you be able to look upon his face

you may be a big movie star
and have your name up in lights
but there is no one there for you
to help through the lonely nights
you may have a lot of riches
you may have glory power and fame
but answer this question honestly
does Jesus in heaven know my name

if you have never felt his touch
way down deep within your soul
this i can tell you this my friend
your name isn't on the roll
kneel down and call his name
and ask him to forgive your sins
or else when your life is over
a lake of fire you will be in

When You Want to See a Miracle

When you want to see a miracle

all you have to do is look at me
For the Lord brought me from nothing
And made me a living testimony
Miracles still happen in this modern day
You ask me how I know it's true
For God has brought me where I am today.
And he can do the same for you

I was almost lost in my mother's womb
But God had his hand on me that day
Then 9 months later I almost died again
But God came through once again in his way
My childhood was rough and memories are few
I was a innocent boy alone and so lost
My parents were anything but christian
And as their son as a result I paid the cost

Then came my teenage years where the hurt began
I was told by my dad of all I couldn't do
But God had a plan thanks to my grandma's prayers
And very soon his leading would bring me through

Now years later and through a lot of tests and trials
My Lord has proven himself faithful and been with me every mile
So once again if you wanna see a miracle just look in front of you
For I am a living testimony of his grace and he'll do the same for you.

When I Get Home

When I get home

There's gonna be such sweet joy
When I get home
Peace is gonna flood this ol cowboy
I'm gonna run all over heaven
And lay all my burdens at his throne
And for all eternity I'm gonna live with Jesus
When I get home

This mortal body is gonna die one day
And they will lay me in my grave
But know this my friend my soul is in heaven
For by his blood my soul was saved
There's no need for such sorrow
Please dry your weeping eyes
For at long last I dwell with Jesus
At his home in the by and by

When I get home
And I step inside those pearly gates
When I get home
I'm gonna look for Jesus I can't wait
To praise my master for what he's done
For breaking my chains and setting me free
That's what I'll do when I get home
By Jesus is where I'll be

The One Thing He's Looking For

he won't be looking for what i've done

when my time on this earth is through
it won't matter one way or another
what i've done or what i didn't do
all the treasures and works won't help
when my savior looks me in the eye
the one thing he'll be looking for
is my name in the book of life

the one thing that he's looking for
is for my sins to be washed away
my name must be there on the page
when i stand before him that day
the record of my spiritual birth
when i was released from strife
is the one thing he's looking for
in that great book of life

as the savior leafs through the pages
through the untold many names
his eyes are looking for the day
when my life was no more the same
when he finally sees that it's there
and he says my child well done
that's what he will look for
and i know my name's gonna be one

Out of the Valley

Jesus will take you out of the valley

and lift you up on the mountain
all your sorrows they will vanish
through the blood from calvary's fountain
his power will set your soul free
from all the burdens you bear
he will take the weight from you
because he really does care

when you walk through the valley
the way might seem hard and long
you might think you will falter
but the trials will make you strong
he walks you through every step
as you go along your life's road
through Jesus your burdens are gone
and he will lighten your heavy load

while you're going through the valley
the way is too dark to behold
the mountain is in the distance
there's relief for your weary soul
once you're at the foot of the mount
and climb up on the top
all your sorrows and burdens
by the Lord's power will stop

I Wish I Could Say I Love You One More Time

i wish i could say i love you one more time

now he's gone how i loved that man of mine
he was my heart for so many years
and now i'm crying so many tears
i miss that strong hand i used to hold
for now he's walking down streets of gold
i wish i could say i love you one more time

my precious one always here by my side
i cannot count all the tears i've cried
for you've went to heaven ahead of me
and i wonder just how can this be
i miss your tender smile and your voice
but you had to go there was no choice
i will always keep you in my heart
soon the day will come we'll never part
i wish i could say i love you one more time

though we've said goodbye it's not the end
there will come a time we will meet again
you live in a land somewhere on high
for a man of God does not ever die
your body's whole there's no more pain
perfect peace and joy shall reign
the love we shared will still go on
sweet memories will keep me strong
but i wish i could say i love you one more time

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