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With a Couple Tears and A Smile

as mama lay there in the bed
she was barely hanging on
then i told her daddy got saved
with a couple tears she was gone
she was waiting for the news
her husband gave Jesus his heart
she couldn't leave knowing he was lost
and now they will nevermore part

with a couple tears and a smile
she went straight to heaven above
she was happy and rejoicing to know
that Jesus saved her one and only love
she couldn't leave this world knowing 
that her husband was lost
all her prayers were finally answered
when he came to the cross

i'll never forget the look of joy
that was there on my mama's face
when i said these words to her softly
mama, daddy just got saved!
then with a couple tears and a smile
she closed her eyes forevermore
knowing her and my daddy

will be reunited on that golden shore


Heaven Just Gets Sweeter All the Time

heaven just gets sweeter all the time
with each passing moment of the day
we've said goodbye to dear loved ones
but they have made it home to stay
they are no longer held down by burdens
from the cares of life they are now free
praising God in that blessed land up yonder
where they will live for all eternity

our loved ones are placed down in the ground
but their spirits rise up into the air
they are welcomed home to live forever
oh what joy awaits them over there

Heaven just gets sweeter all the time
the celebration starts on streets of gold
the moment that they step inside the gates
oh what sights above they now behold
when at last they bow before the savior
from where he sits high upon his throne
he tells them at last your race is over
well done my child and welcome home

our loved ones have left this world of sorrow
they have gone above never again to die
when they walk through the gates of that city

up yonder in the sweet sweet bye and bye


Good Lord Willin & the Creek Don't Rise

If the Good Lord's Willin and The Creek Don't Rise
I'm gonna go to church today
I have got a testimony to share
I just gotta give him the praise
devil go ahead do what you like 
But you can't stand in my way
Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise
I'm gonna go to church today

I have got a story to share
I just can't keep it to myself
Jesus came and lifted me up
Oh he saved my soul from hell
His blood washed away my sin
he set this captive man free
So I just gotta share the news 
Oh I want the whole world to see

Jesus changed my heart that day
He took away all of my shame
Glory to God My burdens are gone 
He gave me a brand new name
In the book of life I've been listed
Oh what a sweet peace I've found
I'm going to glory some sweet day
I've just gotta tell everyone around


That Sounds So Good to Me

Home! That sounds so good to me
There's just no better place to be
I know I am so blessed
For the Lord gave his best
I have somewhere to hang my hat
It's where my heart is at
Home! That sounds so good to me

I've finally found where I belong
Jesus filled my heart with a song
I have never felt so free 
Oh what joy he's given me
All of my cares are gone at last
Since the Lord forgave my past
I don't need to search anymore
He gave me all that I longed for

Home! That sounds so good to me
Jesus opened my eyes now I see
I wanna give the Lord my praise
And serve him all of my days
My boots want to walk in his will
For I know that he loves me still
Home! That sounds so good to me

I have another home in the sky
In that land of the sweet by and by
I know someday he'll call for me
Then at last his face I will see
I can see it so clearly in my mind
I can't wait to leave it all behind
I will rest forever in sweet peace
And all my sorrow will cease

Home! That sounds so good to me
Heaven is the place I wanna be
This cowboy's going home to stay
Oh I will take my flight someday
What glory and splendor I'll behold
I shall walk on the streets of gold
Home! That sounds so good to me


I'd Say Yes All Over Again

If I had the chance to do it once more
I'd say yes all over again
For you have never let me down
Yes you have been my best friend 
When this world left me all alone
You were there holding my hand
You're the reason I made it through 
You gave me the strength to stand

You picked me up when I was weak
You walked with me in the fire
You've been faithful time and again
Your sweet love lifted me higher
When I didn't know which way to go
You knew what was best for me
If I had the chance to do it all over 
I would shout it for the world to see

I love you with my heart and soul
And I give you all of the praise
without you I would not be here
By your grace I'm still amazed
Your mercy brought me here today
Oh the wonders of all that you do
So if I had the chance to do it again
Lord i'd still want to walk with you


All Filled Up

When I was lost my soul was empty
As a church when no one is there
that changed when Jesus came in
Now I have joy beyond compare 
I praise God for that wonderful day
When I called upon his holy name
Jesus filled me up with his spirit 
And now I am no longer the same

Just like that empty church inside
Oh I used to know how that felt
There was no music no rejoicing 
Until at the altar I finally knelt
He took my burdens and my cares
now I know power of his grace
Since he came along and lifted me
in his arms I have a resting place

Oh I am all filled up with his joy
Emptiness has been left in the past
His spirit filled me to overflowing 
Oh now I have found peace at last
Praise the Lamb of God I am free 
Ever since I opened my heart's door
Jesus changed my life completely 
he gave me what I was longing for


Brittany's Call

15 years ago heaven came calling
For Brittany my special baby girl
She had Jesus living in her heart
So he took her out of this world
I miss her so since she went away
To this day my tears still fall
I know that she is in a better place
And she had to answer the call

A friend of hers was in a wreck
She said if I could I'd take his place
He got well then she passed away
Now she sees Jesus face to face
She meant every word she said
A tragedy had cut short her life
she lives beyond the pearly gates
Far away from sorrow and strife

She just had to answer the call 
Then she left this world far behind
All this years later I must admit
She has never been out of my mind
I know I'll get to see her once more
That same call shall beckon for me
I'll get to hold her in my arms again
Praise God what joy that will be


If I Was in Heaven Right Now

what would i be doing 
if i was in heaven right now
would i run down golden streets
or at his feet would i bow
would i be singing to the angels
about how Jesus set me free
or rest by the river of life
up in that sweet eternity

heaven is a wonderful place
i know this without a doubt
i just can't wait to get there
it makes me want to shout
all the things that i will see
to leave all of my cares behind
when i step inside that city
i will have sweet peace of mind

what would i be doing 
if i was in heaven right now
meet all the saints of old
everything that God will allow
be surrounded by loved ones
and see all of my friends
what will i be doing
when i reach my journey's end

i can only dream about heaven
that city is a wonderful place
there's nothing to compare it to
when i see Jesus face to face
the splendor and glory are untold
never seen by a mortal eye
i just can't wait till i see it
that beautiful sweet by and by


Making Plans

Making Plans to see my savior
without a doubt i'm in his favor
i'm ready to leave just any day
soon he will call my soul away
praise the Lord i know i'm saved
i will live beyond the grave
i will rest beside that shore
i'll be with Jesus forevermore

while i travel this world below
i hold to his hand as i go
he walks with me every mile
he's the reason that i smile
i know one day my life will end
i have Jesus as my best friend
when eyes close here in death
i will see him in my next breath

since the day i gave him my heart
Jesus gave me a brand new start
i'm so thankful for his sweet grace
and i can't wait to see his face
there's no need to cry or grieve
for in his name i do believe
i am waiting for his sweet call
then before my Lord i will fall


God Can Do It Yes He Can

God can do it oh yes he can
Just turn it over to the man
Who can make the blinded see
And can make the demons flee
When you feel that you can't cope
And you have lost all your hope
The Lord will help you stand
God can do it oh yes he can

He was there in the lions den
When ol Daniel needed a friend
He was there without a doubt
walls came down with a shout 
He was there for the Hebrew three
And he's done the same for me
So turn it over to the man
God can do it oh yes he can

He was there in the prison cell
With Paul and Silas all was well
When Peter was locked up tight
An angel helped him win the fight
when the lame man couldn't stand
God touched him with his hand
No matter what you're going through 
God can do the same for you

God can do it oh yes he can
Just put your trust in the hand
That can raise up the dead
And the multitudes were fed
He gave life to dying souls 
the lepers were made whole 
Just remember he has a plan
God can do it oh yes he can

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