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Only God

Only God

Only God can turn your life around
only God can all your answers be found
only God can make you clean within
only God can free you from your sins
only God can make your spirit whole
only God can give freedom for your soul
only God can give you sweet release
only God will give you joy and peace

you are searching for peace everywhere
and you think that no one really cares
oh my friend God above loves you so
you must trust him and let it all go
if you reach up and take him by the hand
you will found out that he has a plan
no other can do what he can do
just believe and he will bring you through

you must pray and ask him in your heart
only then will you get a brand new start
humbly bow and fall down and his feet
only in God will you be made complete

Here Comes My Boy

Here Comes My Boy

the father looked sadly down the road
his boy had walked away from home
he said i want all you have for me
he wanted to go out on his own
he watched him leave tears in his eyes
he went to a country far away
in a short while everything was gone
he said i think i'll go home today

every day the father looked down the road
just to get a glimpse of his boy
his hearts desire would soon come true
his son's return would fill him with joy
his eyes saw him from a long way off
he ran to him as fast as he could
he put his arms around him so tight
you've come home like i knew you would

here comes my boy 
he shouted he's come home again
he once was dead but now he's alive
let the celebration begin
put the best robe on his shoulders
give him shoes and a ring for his hand
let's kill the calf for the feast
there was joy throughout the land

the Father watched his only Son die
and to be laid down in a grave
his heart was broken at the Loss
but it was for all men to be saved
that third morning the earth shook
the stone rolled away from the door
his only begotten was no longer there
oh praise the name of the Lord

he appeared to many after he arose
it was all apart of God's plan
though some doubted he told them
touch the nail scars in my hands
then the day came on the mountain
he said to them i must go away
the Father announced all over heaven
my Son is coming back home today

here comes my boy
open wide that heavenly gate
he has been gone so very long
to see him i can hardly wait
angels start singing your praises
saints of God join in the song
my boy did what i asked him to
he's coming back where he belongs

The Sweetest Flower

The Sweetest Flower

The sweetest flower that ever bloomed was the Rose of Sharon 
He came to earth a long long time ago
He left the glory and splendor of heaven
Only because he loved us all so

Oh praise his matchless name 
He was my sacrifice 
He died on a rugged cross
Yes he paid the price
Many turn their eyes away
From the blood that he shed
But I see a cleansing for me
In those sweet drops of red

The sweetest flower was crucified on that hill 
He did it all so I could be set free
He was buried but he lives forever
And that fragrance abides in me

Praise the name of Jesus
He reigns in heaven above
He rose from the grave
And he gave me his love
He will bloom forevermore
His beauty won't fade away
And I know I'll meet him
Up there in glory someday

Praise God My Mother's Home

Praise God My Mother's Home

this week my mama took her last breath
she closed her pretty eyes here in death
i can't believe that she's really gone
but praise the Lord my mother's home
oh the sights she sees in that land
and she is singing with the angel band
she is there waiting just for me
i thank God that she is now free

she finished her race with such grace
and now she sees Jesus face to face
she is running down streets of gold
in that land of the eternal soul
though i have an aching in my heart
it hurts me so that we are apart
but i believe that it won't be long
my time will come to go home

my mama fought the good fight
now she wears a robe of pure white
she lives on in that land of sweet peace
all her pain and sorrow has ceased
her life did not end at the grave
for i know that my mama was saved
she waits for me there at the gate
to get there i can hardly wait

i don't know when my time will come
that my Lord is gonna call me home
i have a feeling down in my heart
we won't have long to be apart
oh what a blessed day that's gonna be
when once again my mama i'll see
we will walk the streets hand in hand
and praise God all over that land

Thank You Grandma

Thank You Grandma

thank you grandma for praying for me
without your prayers where would i be
i would be so lost and dead in my sin
what an awful shape my life would be in
when i was a child i lived in a broken home
i didn't know about church i was left alone
i have little memories of when i was small
didn't get the love that i needed at all

alcohol and smoking ruled my parents lives
it is a miracle that i even survived
i could have turned out that way you see
but for my grandma praying for me
smoking and drinking i never did touch
and i thank my loving grandma so much
for taking the time to pray for me
for without her prayers where would i be

she has been gone to heaven for years
as i type these words i'm crying the tears
because of her prayers i am here today
i look forward to seeing her again someday
when i'll leave this wicked sin filled world
and i'll run through the gates of pearl
i'll not stop keep searching every place
and thank my grandma face to face

Painting a Picture of Heaven

Painting a Picture of Heaven

here is a story that a friend told me tonight
this happened not very long ago
a precious lady had just lost her husband
a short time only 3 weeks or so
her heart was breaking she was so lost
without him she just couldn't go on
she received the peace that she needed
in the words of an old gospel song

they were up there singing haven of rest
it gave such comfort to her within
they painted a picture of heaven for her
she knew she would see him again
her heart was so blessed she told them
i feel the strength now that i can go on
it's all because you painted a picture
of heaven for me in that precious old song

she walked away her head lifted high
and she had sweet peace in her soul
knowing her husband was rejoicing
and walking on the streets of gold
she knew it was not be very long
they would be together forevermore
her mind plays back the words of the song
how it comforts her once more

With a Couple Tears and a Smile

With a Couple Tears and A Smile

as mama lay there in the bed
she was barely hanging on
then i told her daddy got saved
with a couple tears she was gone
she was waiting for the news
her husband gave Jesus his heart
she couldn't leave knowing he was lost
and now they will nevermore part

with a couple tears and a smile
she went straight to heaven above
she was happy and rejoicing to know
that Jesus saved her one and only love
she couldn't leave this world knowing 
that her husband was lost
all her prayers were finally answered
when he came to the cross

i'll never forget the look of joy
that was there on my mama's face
when i said these words to her softly
mama, daddy just got saved!
then with a couple tears and a smile
she closed her eyes forevermore
knowing her and my daddy
will be reunited on that golden shore

Just Rest

Just Rest

Just rest give him the cares of the day
Just rest he will take it all away
Just rest he will make your burdens light
Just rest when you're too weak to fight
Just rest he will take you in his arms
Just rest he will keep you from all harm
Just rest he will calm your every fear
Just rest for he is always near

The struggles of life have you down
There's not a friend to be found
Your heart is just about to break 
And it's more than you can take
There is a place where you can go
The word of God tells me so
It is a place that's beyond compare 
Jesus will come meet you there

Jesus says just bring it all to me
For only I can set you free 
When your life is out of control
I can give rest to your soul
In my arms you will find peace
With one touch it all must cease
Yes I can calm the storm inside
And in my love you can abide

His Hem Was Her Last Hope

His Hem Was Her Last Hope

his hem was her last hope
her life was slowly slipping away
doctors told her the sad news
you're not far from the grave
she didn't listen to what they said
while i breathe i will hold on
there is an answer to my need
and faith will keep me strong

12 long years she had suffered
man had failed her time and again
she spent everything she had
it looked like this was the end
she heard the story of someone
who heals with a touch of his hand
oh if he will just come my way
there is no other one who can

a crowd gathered in that little town
then she heard somebody say
at last Jesus the healer had come
she would get her miracle today
she said i've got to reach him
he's my last hope i have to try
i know he's here just for me
he has finally heard my cry

so painful was every step she took
she pushed her way through them all
she almost made it when she fell
and on her knees she did crawl
with the last ounce of her strength
his hem was all she could touch
in that moment she was made whole
and got what she needed so much

his hem was her last hope
he said who touched me today
i felt virtue leave my body
a miracle has come your way
in fear she said Lord it was me
she cried with all of her soul
he said go thy way you are healed
your faith has made you whole

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