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What a Reunion She Will Have Over There

What a Reunion She Will Have Over There

Years ago she lost a daughter 
She thought her heart would never mend
Then her daddy was called to heaven
They had been the best of friends
Then suddenly her mama left this world
Oh how the tears fell from her eyes
But inside she knew they were at rest
Up in that sweet city in the skies

Then a few weeks ago her love of many years
His eyes were closed here in death 
But like the others he loved the Lord
He was in heaven with his next breath
I found out that she is soon to leave
She is growing weaker by the day
It won't be very long she will go home
Yes Jesus will come and take her away

What a reunion she will have over there
Just on the other side of the gate
Her loved ones are standing by the river
To see them she can hardly wait
Once again she will hold them close
And they won't have to part anymore 
To spend eternity walking hand in hand
Up in heaven on that peaceful shore

For the Rest of My Life

For the Rest of My Life

for the rest of my life
no matter how long it may be
i will praise my savior
for what he's done for me
i can never walk away
from the best friend i ever had
he has been so faithful
he's made my heart so glad

if i'm given just a second
or years to live on earth
i'll give glory to Jesus
for he gave me a new birth
he has held my hand
and walked right by my side
he has been my shelter
in my heart he does abide

i wouldn't last without him
my heart would likely break
if he didn't give his spirit
it would be too much to take
so as long as i'm living
i'll lift praise to Jesus above
for the rest of my days
i will thank him for his love

In The Footsteps of Mercy

In The Footsteps of Mercy

so many people choose to walk their own way
and fulfill the lusts of their flesh
but i know where that road is gonna lead
so i'm choosing to walk the best

in the footsteps of mercy
following the path that Jesus trod
yes i'm gonna put my trust in
the one true and living God
i won't be swayed or moved
to walk down any other way
so i will go down this road
in the footsteps of mercy today

their road is gonna lead to destruction
eternal sorrow for their soul
but as for me i'll take the narrow way
and heaven is my goal

in the footsteps of mercy
i will follow my Lord and savior
there is no better way for me
than to live in his loving favor
i will trust him as my guide
for this one thing i do know
one day soon i will see him
when i get to my eternal home

Into His Arms

Into His Arms

there is one place that i know i can go
when i am weary from the fight
i fall into the arms of my Jesus
he's the one who can make things right
there's nowhere else i can find comfort
when i am lonely he calms my fears
he wraps me and cradles my soul
and he dries all of my tears

into his arms i am forever safe
he fills my heart with such joy
he whispers peace be still my child
he's my father i'm his little boy
the world around me may be raging
but when i'm sheltered in his arms
there is no better place i can be
and he keeps me from all harm

heaven is a place i know i will go
when my time on earth is through
i will run to the arms of my Jesus
that's the first thing i will do
what a wonderful moment awaits me
when i first look upon his face
then he will hold his arms open wide
waiting to take me in his embrace

then i will fall into the arms of Jesus
all my troubles and sorrow will be gone
peace and joy will flood my soul
standing in the presence of the Son
the tempests of life will be no more
in that moment i'll be made whole
when i fall into the arms of my Jesus
in that eternal homeland of the soul

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home

I've been blessed by the Lord with the touch of his hand
He has given me a great place to stay
I wouldn't ask for better even if I could
So I will praise him all I can today 
I know I am his child and I've been forgiven
He's given me words for this song
I'm just a stranger traveling here below 
One day I'll go home where I belong

Right now I'm living in my home away from home
My real home is a place beyond compare
Oh the streets are the purest shining gold 
What glory awaits me over there
Until the Lord calls me I'll patiently wait
When my heart fails to beat anymore
I will leave this home away from home down here
And go to rest beside that peaceful shore

Don't get me wrong I love living here
But oh the joy that awaits me up there
I will never have a heartache or tears to cry
I will live in a mansion that's so fair
My soul cries out to be in heaven above
And to see the one who died for me
But I'll just keep living out the rest of my days
Until it comes my time to be free

When It Comes Time to Go

When It Comes Time to Go

i have a friend that has a gentle spirit
his sweet mom passed away not long ago
his heart was so broken how was he to know
his daughter would go to her heavenly home
his grief i cannot understand or comprehend
but i can relate to the tears he cries today
i'm reminded of the promise that Jesus said
we will all be reunited up in heaven someday

when it comes time for him to go to glory
and his eyes they close forever in sleep
he will be instantly taken to see Jesus
for in the masters hands his soul he keeps
when he steps inside the gates of the city
what eternal joy his eyes will behold
he will leave behind all of his earthly cares
in that sweet homeland of the soul

he will stroll down the streets of heaven
and listen to all the holy angels sing
knowing that his troubles are gone forever
he'll lift his voice the praises will ring
from a distance he sees somebody coming
it's his mom and daughter he has missed so
they rush to hold each other reunited for good
hand in hand they walk down streets of gold

Story of the Cross

Story of the Cross

If the story if the cross doesn't touch you
You need to get on your knees and pray
My friend Jesus died to save your soul
Why not Let him in to your heart today

Calvary happened a long long time ago 
When Jesus was slain on the tree
They drove nails in his hands and feet
He did it all to set you free

he shed every ounce of his precious blood
because of his love just for you
he paid the ransom for all of your sins
so my friend what will you do

will you turn your back and walk away
oh Jesus had his back to the cross
he paid the price to give life to you
that's how much he loved the lost

Don't Try to Tell Me God Isn't Real

Don't Try to Tell Me God Isn't Real

Don't try to tell me God Isn't Real 
Go ahead laugh and have your fun
He's always been always will be
He's no fairy tale he is the one

He made the mountains so tall
Gave the eagle wings to fly
He made the oceans so vast
And put the stars in the sky
I can see his hand in everything 
As I travel this world below
Nothing would exist without him
And that's why I love him so

So ridicule me all that you like
But I know that my God is there
He saved me and forgave me
And I know that he really cares

He sent his only begotten Son
Just to die upon a rugged cross 
It's hard for me to understand 
He came here to save the lost
I can't comprehend love like that
with tears falling down my face
Without a doubt I know he's real
For I've been saved by his grace

He Was Broken on the Cross For Me

He Was Broken on The Cross For Me

he was broken on the cross for me
he bore all my iniquity
when he could have walked away
he gave his life that day
he was broken on the cross for me

i can see it all in my mind's eye
of how my sweet savior did die
how i praise his holy name
he took all of my shame
he was broken on the cross for me

oh how my tears begin to flow
knowing Jesus loved me so
he wasn't guilty of the crime
yet he gave his life for mine
he was broken on the cross for me

his love kept him hanging there
he did it because he cared
oh the cross was not the end
three days later he rose again
now he lives again just for me

No Bills in Heaven

No Bills in Heaven

There are no late payments
Up there in glory
No shut off notices
No made up story
No electric is needed
For Jesus shines bright
Yes up in that city 
He himself is the light

No bills in heaven 
Jesus paid what I owe
Praise his dear name
What a thrill to my soul
I can't wait to get there
No meters to be read
I don't know how it will be
It'll be like the bible said

I Love Being Home

I Love Being Home

A loved one is gone
They've left this world too soon
They are in a place
Beyond the stars and the moon 
If we could hear their voice
If they could talk to us today 
There's no doubt about it 
This is what they would say

I love being home
Walking streets of pure gold
I have a new body
And I will never grow old
Oh what joy surrounds me
All things are made new
I love being home
And i am waiting for you

Beyond those pearly gates
I have such sweet peace 
All of my pain is gone
All my sorrow has ceased
I bow before the Lamb
Where he sits on his throne
Praising him forevermore
And my victory is won

I love being home
Oh what sights I behold
I've been given a mansion
In this land of the soul
So don't grieve for me
There is no need to cry
I love being home
In this sweet by and by

I walk with the Lord
And I hear the angels sing
The grave has no victory
Death has lost its sting

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