Cowboy Roy's Gospel


old coat to the new

i took off that old coat of sin and traded it for one that is new

i've been washed in the blood of Jesus my sins are gone forever so true

things of this world that held me bound have vanished without a trace

where there used to be despair and sorrow

instead joy and peace haven taken their place

 i remember when the Lord saved me and took me into his care

he washed away all my sins and lightened the load i did bear

the coat of sin has changed from black to a robe of white

and i praise Jesus forevermore he helped me win that fight

Lord i thank you

Lord i thank you for dying for me

and i thank you for setting me free

i thank you for that old rugged cross

 to save all the souls who were lost

i thank you for that cold dark tomb

 since you arose it's just an empty room

i thank you for your amazing grace

it always brings a smile to my face

yes i thank you Lord Jesus

tomorrow's morning sun

when tomorrow's morning sun comes up

and my eyes don't ever open again

my spirit will soar above the clouds

and i will leave this world of sin

my body will be free of all the pain

no more tears will fill my eyes

for i will walk by the crystal sea

up there in the sweet by and by

when my loved ones find my body

 i don't want them to cry over me

for my trials will all be over with

 and at long last i will be free

i will sing praises to my savior

for washing me free of all my sins

knowing throughout all eternity

i will never be tempted again

if i don't see tomorrow's morning sun

 before it rises into the skies

i'll walk into the gates of pearls

and gaze into the loving son's eyes

heartaches and worries will all be gone

tears will be a thing of the past

for in the land where the sun never sets

peace joy and love will always last

kneel now or later

you will either kneel now or later

right now you have a choice

while you're here on earth to follow Jesus

be saved while you have the voice

for it won't be a choice in the hereafter

EVERY tongue will confess & EVERY knee will bow

ask him to wash you clean and save your soul

there's no better time than right now

one day we'll touch him

Jesus has touched us for so long

one of these days we're gonna touch his face

we'll all gather up there in sweet heaven

and thank him for his amazing grace

one by one we will stand before him

he'll wipe all the tears from our eyes

he'll say my children welcome home

to the place where you'll never die

he'll take us one by one in his arms

and we'll feel his wonderful love

all sorrow and heartaches will vanish

for only peace lives in that land above

then we'll stroll down golden streets

and he'll show us our mansions he's made

what glory and majesty we'll behold

up where the roses never fade

all of our loved ones we've waited to see
we will see them all and much more
the tree of life,gates of pearls
to walk along the side of the crystal shore
hearing angels sing and praising God
meeting all the saints in the bible day
s of old...yes we will really get to see
the half that is yet now untold
so just keep thanking Jesus here
for keeping you save with his grace
for one day and it will be soon
you will be able to touch his face

carried to her father's arms

a baby girl came into the world and it took her mother away

her father rushed to the hospital and stayed there night and day

soon it was time for her to leave and go home

so the nurse carried her straight to her father's arms

he held his precious girl eyes filled with tears

he promised to love her whether it be days or years

he kept his promise for many years and watched her grow

it was so very clear to see he loved his little girl so

he brought her so much joy and love to his heart

they were always together and had never spent a day apart

but then the awful news came sickness had taken it's toll

and he knew very soon it would be time for her to go

there she lay in bed and he stood by her side

he couldn't believe it was time to say goodbye

as he held her hand eyes again filled with tears

she comforted him with the words that she had no fear

then she drew her last breath and closed her eyes

and then headed above to her home in the sky

she was carried to her father's arms by angels above

where there is no sickness only peace joy and love

cries of joy from a thankful heart

my past is in the past also gone is all the shame

my sins have been washed away and now i have a new name

a heart once black as night is clean and white as snow

peace abides way down deep inside and i can't help but let it show

tears start to fill in my eyes when i think of my brand new start

and i can tell everyone around they are cries of joy from a thankful heart

a thankful heart redeemed by Jesus as his holy blood fell down the tree

my life was changed when i called his name for he swept his precious blood over me

once a life shackled by the chains of sin and lost down in the depths of despair

bound by heartaches and wrong decisions and satan's plan was to keep me there

but satan's hold began to tremble the night when the precious son of God came

he loosed my shackles and healed my heart and i have never been the same

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