Cowboy Roy's Gospel


reunion day

 what a reunion day that will be

when the face of Jesus we will see

and all of our loved ones gone before

in the land of the sweet forevermore

sorrow,death and pain will all be past

we will know real peace and joy at last

we will all gather around the Lord's throne

knowing that we have finally made it home

there will be no more heartaches or tears

we will never have another fear

for Jesus will wipe them all away

in that land of eternal day

there will never be any more night

for Jesus the son of God is the light

all of the trials of life will be through

and the beauty of heaven above we will view

strolling down streets of gold

seeing the sights that have never been told

listening to the saints of God and angels sing

all over heaven their voices will ring

flesh and bone will be a thing of the past

we will receive our new bodies at last

thanking Jesus for all that he has done

knowing forever we are all finally home

how can you choose to walk away

how can you choose to walk away from someone who really loves you

why must you turn your back on the one whose love is so true

he didn't walk away from the cross he cried father let thy will be done

he gave his life as a sacrifice so your lost soul could be won

his spirit is gently calling to you his eyes are on you even now

he's got his arms held open wide your heart is where he is bound

i can see conviction is so strong it's written all over your face

turn your life over to the Lord let him change you with his grace

you say i just can't do it now i will put it off for another day

what if Jesus had followed his own will we would not be here today

so how in the world can you leave lost in sin and doomed for hell

he may never call your name again and he will turn away from you as well

the change

i remember when the change happened

since then i've not been the same

the old things were passed away

and now i have a new name

gone are the shackles of sin and dark of night

for Jesus took them all away

and gave me his glorious light

instead of a frown now there is a smile upon my face

and it's all because of my Lord's amazing grace

i had a trial i faced it was weighing me down

many times i lost my song and a smile could not be found

but then one day a change happened thanks be to God

and joy once again was mine because of my Lord

there is another change that is soon to come

when the Lord is gonna come and he will take me home

this body of flesh and bone is gonna fall away

and i cannot wait for that moment or that day

i'm gonna be changed from here to there

in a heartbeat i'll be in that land so fair

what a glorious change that is gonna be

and forever and ever more i will be totally free

my little child

my little child please do not fear

for i the Lord thy God am always near

you are never really alone

so call on me when you're not strong

i will never leave your side

and i see each & every tear you've cried

when the world has all let you down

my little child i'll always be around

i live down deep inside your heart

and nothing or no one can tear us apart

my blood has made you free and whole

on the day that i saved your soul

i am always there to show you i care

and i can lighten the load that you bear

so when burdens weigh on your mind

call on me and i'm there every time

my little child trials cannot harm you

for i'll be there to help you through

i'll never leave or forsake my little lambs

for they are here in my precious hands

remember my little child in times of trouble

just lift your voice and call my name

for i will release the burdens from you

and nothing ever will be the same

wrapped in the master's arms

i remember a day years ago i called on the name of the Lord

he came down and answered and saved me by his word

he wrapped his arms around me and sheltered me from harm

i knew then there was no need to fear or have alarm

almost 20 years have passed since that day

and what a wonderful time it's been

i can still call on Jesus and he wraps his arms round me

just the way he did back then

he shelters me from storms that rage

and keeps me safe from all the winds that blow

i have peace and i am not afraid

for deep down within my heart i know

things of this world cannot harm me

when i am wrapped in the master's arms

though billows around me rage out of control

i will be at rest no need for alarm

when my time on earth is over and done

i will stand at last at heaven's gates

knowing all sorrow and pain is behind me

and believe me i can't wait

to see the master who cared for me

and took away all my doubt and fears

he who calms all the storms around me

and wiped away all my tears

then he will open his arms for me

just like he did so long ago

and wrap his loving arms around me

and then all my cares will forever go

such joy and love will flood my soul

like i have never known before

while my Jesus wraps his arms around me

along the banks of heaven's shore

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