Cowboy Roy's Gospel


who Jesus is to me

Jesus is my savior the King of Kings & Lord of Lords

he reigns forever supreme and is the living word

he's the rock of ages he is my resting place

he keeps me from all harm and danger by his sweet amazing grace

he is the alpha and omega the beginning and the end

messiah,redeemer,shepherd and he is my greatest friend

he's the lily of the valley the bright morning star

no other can compare to him he is the best by far

glorious,wonderful,counselor my judge and keeper be

almighty God,lion of Judah and the one who set me free

he is my righteousness living water bread of life

great physician,keeper of my heart and takes away all my strife

master of the storm calmer of the strongest wind

he loves me more than anything and his love has no end

he is my soul provider everlasting father lamb of God

healer,and my guide when along this pathway i trod

he watches over me he never slumbers or sleeps

i am always in his care my very breath he safely keeps

the most beautiful song

down here on earth we hear beautiful music from people singing to the chirping birds

pretty tunes and soaring melodies along with God inspired words

it's all very pleasing to hear and it comforts a weary soul

but i know of one greater sound up where the hallelujahs roll

that's when the redeemed sing of Jesus of the time that he saved their souls

he took the darkness of sin away gave the sonlight and made them whole

on the other side of the jordan river and just beyong the heavenly gates

this great choir sings the great song the most beautiful song while angels wait

their voices will ring throughout heaven countless many will sing this song

they'll give their praise to the father for eternity they'll still go strong

they'll be all dressed up in white what glory will shine on their face

when forevermore they'll all sing of their dear Lord's amazing grace


an 8 year battle for me is almost over that painful trial is just about through

my heart is rejoicing inside with what my God is gonna do

things have been denied from me so long will soon come to light

i owe it all to my savior who has helped me win the fight

waiting for my earthly redemption day when i can leave this burden behind

say so long to pressure & heartache hello to sweet peace of mind

i've been on earth almost 43 years i've seen the good times and the bad

often times i've been so happy but i have also been discouraged and sad

my savior has promised me life abundant while i am alive this is true

my earthly redemption is gonna be good but a better day awaits when life is through

waiting for my heavenly redemption day when i can bow before my master's throne
cast my robe and crown at his feet and know at long last i am finally home
walk down streets of solid gold and listen to all the angels sing
holy holy holy he alone is worthy praises to Jesus for he is the King
rest by the river beneath the tree of life
to never cry another tear or sorrow and be free of all pain and strife
to be reunited with all my loved ones who have gone on before
to never know any more parting along that crystal shore
there will be no more death or tears no one will ever know another sigh
joy forevermore and peace will reign in that wonderful city in the sky
waiting for my heavenly redemption day it's gonna be wonderful this is true
i just can't wait for it to happen in that city beyond the blue

it remains the same

Jesus left his majestic throne above to come to this earth below

he was born as a babe in a manger because he loved us so

many years later when he became a man

he was baptized in the river Jordan to fulfill his father's plan

he was tempted by satan in the wilderness this is true

but he rebuked the devil for he had much work to do

he turned the water into wine and healed the sick & lame

this story never grows old for 2,000 years it has remained the same

he raised the dead and made blinded eyes see

cast out demons and set all the captives free

he preached the word with power and authority

and he was the only one to make the devil flee

he was betrayed by one of his own by a kiss on the cheek

when the soldiers came he said i am the one you seek

he was beaten,bruised rejected and took all the shame

this story never grows old for 2,000 years it remains the same

he was led up the winding road that led to calvary
the cross he had upon his shoulders was meant for you and me
he went on to the top when he could have walked away
for he knew from his father that this would be the only way
as they put the cross on the ground he then did lay down
and then throughout all jerusalem you could hear the hammer sound
he hung alone on the cross in such agony
when he could have called the angels to set him free
but he did not so i could have a new name
this story never grows old for 2,000 years it remains the same
his cry it is finished filled the sky
then he gave up the ghost and did die
he was sealed in a tomb by a stone
but 3 days later it rolled away and his body was gone
he rose triumphant over death hell and the grave
he did it all so that all mankind could be saved
just remember all those other stories are true
he did everything out of love for me and you
and that is the reason that he came
the story never grows old for 2,000 years it remains the same

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