Cowboy Roy's Gospel


he's gonna lead me out

he's gonna lead me outta this valley and give me strength to stand

all that i have to do is reach out and take ahold of his nail scarred hand

i have wandered this valley for so long i've wondered if it would ever end

but i see cool clear water up ahead and there stands my greatest and dearest friend

just a little bit farther i hear him say you won't have to walk alone anymore

for i am here to lead you the rest of the way and rest assured that's what i'm here for

as i take his hand in mine my cares just go away i've left the pain of the valley so far behind

i'm not sure what lies in store for me but i'm not afraid as long as his hand is holding mine

he gently wipes my tears away and my fears are gone he says my child nothing can ever harm you

for i am here now so place your trust in me and just have faith i'm gonna bring you through

nothing can ever separate you from my love nothing above or here on earth below

for i am holding you in the palm of my hand and i love you so much more than you'll ever know

flying away

we're all gonna go flying away when we hear that trumpet sound

in less than a twinkling our feet are gonna leave the ground

higher than the birds we will fly through the air

to a place called heaven up above that land so fair

signs are all around us & the time is a drawing near

gabriel's lips are on his trumpet i can see it all so very clear

the timing of God is perfect for his children to come away

the trumpet will blast i'm excited for this could be that very day

my friends you better be ready you don't wanna be left behind

what is soon to happen is really gonna blow your mind

the eastern sky will break apart and Jesus will step out

then all of God's children are gonna leave this earth with a shout!!

gravity is gonna let us loose and we all are gonna rise

headed to the sweet land called heaven up in those crystal blue skies

flesh and bone will fall away but our spirits will live on

and i can't wait for the day that we'll all be gathered home

all about my Jesus

way up in heaven the almighty Jesus sits high upon his throne

he always walks beside me i know i'm never alone

his eyes never close in sleep he doesn't need any rest

he lives within my heart and my life is so blessed

my world is no longer empty because of the one i serve

his grace was sent down to me so much more than i deserve

i've got a never ending song Jesus has put into my life
he who freed me from chains and placed joy where there was strife
he supplies my every need and he will never fail
for victory was won on calvary by three old rusty nails
his precious blood was spilled and it ran down the cross
to signify hope for everyone in this world than was lost
he went down in the pit for me and battled with satan 3 days
then God called him up and away and burst open the hold of the grave
he wipes away each tear i cry and restores the joy to my soul
i truly praise Jesus Christ the one who made me whole
he gives me strength that i need when mine is nowhere to be found
to him i am so very grateful and to sin no longer i am bound
my heart cries out every time i feel the anointing power on me
my every care and worry are gone for praise the Lord he set me free
 he is my shelter in the storm when the clouds are cold and dark
so i don't have to worry about the world falling around my heart
all i have to do is call out and speak out his holy name
then his holy spirit falls down and nothing is ever the same
so i'll forevermore sing the praise to my savior in heaven above
for i know without him here i would never ever have such love

she left behind this world

she left behind this world

to walk on streets of gold

a place where there's no pain

she'll never have cancer again

she's not sick but truly free

in that sweet eternity

she is now at perfect peace

and all her sorrow has ceased

the moment she closed her eyes

she headed toward the skies

free now from flesh and bone

to live in her eternal home

oh what glory she now sees

walking by the crystal sea

having Jesus' hand to hold

and walking streets of gold

she has joy like never before

to never cry any more

she is now at perfect peace

all sorrow and suffering has ceased

she is happy now forevermore

strolling by that crystal shore

give her to the master

the daughter of jarius had died one day so their servant went looking for the Lord

for he had the power to heal her with just a touch or a spoken word

he entered the house & sent the doubters out went to the room where the child lay

they were thinking what can this man do but their servant began to say

give her to the master & let him have control

for he is the only one that can make her whole

i just learned a friend of mine is sick and many tears filled my eyes
and i sit here thinking to myself and asking many questions why
then a friend of mine said these words that were so sweet to my soul
just give her over to the master and let him take control
give her to the master and he can set her free
he has the power to do it stronger than you and me
give her to the master only he can make her whole
give her to the master and let him have control

you are my shining light

Lord you are my shining light when the darkness floods my soul

spirits of all dark things come from a deadly foe

it drags me down in the dark where no sunlight can be found

but when i call your holy name all those evil spirits are bound

you are my shining light when my way grows too dark to see

chains of depression hold me tight and i cannot break myself free

i will not accept darkness and i won't be held by chains

satan and the demons power are broken by the words of Jesus' holy name

you are my shining light when i cannot find my way

you put my feet up on the rock change dark night into day

these spirits of evil cannot stay when i am under Jesus' power

i can no longer bear it on my own so i cry out to Jesus in my dark hour

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