Cowboy Roy's Gospel


when Jesus turns a life around

when a man is lost in sin & darkness surrounds his life

he can try all he may but he can't free himself from strife

satan controls his very soul & he is condemned to die

oh but a true change happens when Jesus changes a life

when Jesus turns a life around all the darkness must flee

for Jesus i now abide with & he abides in me

when every other way is tried & no way can be found

it truly makes a difference when Jesus turns a life around

saul was lost in sin and had evil in his heart

he was on his way to tear the christians apart

but a light appeared above and blinded both his eyes

but he saw all too clearly Jesus had changed his life

when we all are bound with chains and there's no way to break free

we have tried every known way that's when we hit our knees

and bow to our heavenly father and ask him to forgive our sins

and then the old things pass away never to be remembered again

wake up quit sleeping

wake up quit sleeping can't you see i'm coming back to earth again

the only ones i'm taking with me are the ones set free from sin

be ready don't delay heed the warning in the blink of an eye i'll come

listen for the sound of the trumpet and i'll come to bring you home

wake up church the time is now so many lost need to know

my coming is soon to happen countless soulds still have no hope

walk the highways hedges and by-ways and compel them to come in

for they can only enter my kingdom if they're set free from their sin

there's no time to waste or lose it's time to opem up your eyes

wake up from the sleep you're in and start watching the eastern sky

without the blood

without the blood of Jesus there is no remission for sin

without the blood heaven we could not hope to enter in

without the blood of Jesus to cover our very soul

without his blood we would never be truly whole

churches today have removed songs from the hymns

washed in the blood is out and the new is in

but i'll take there is a fountain any old day

for the blood washed the old man away

when i see the blood i will pass over you

power in the blood is another great song this is true

nothing but the blood again says it all

without the blood of Jesus the church would surely fall

the blood songs are outdated many churches will say

but the blood songs will keep us on the narrow way

as the writers who wrote them all those years ago

the blood of Jesus still covers a sin sick soul

two feet away

when a man was convicted of a crime in the bible days of old

each one was led to be crucified up this long and winding road

for their crime they would pay and their hands and feet would be nailed

they knew their lives were over and their fates were then sealed

as the roman soldiers held them down and started that awful hammering sound

there was so much hatred coming from them & they thought if only i wasn't bound

but the soldiers were just doing their job and each and every time it was the same

until one time they all beheld great love from just 2 feet away

this man that would be crucified this day had been beaten down to the bone

stripes had been placed upon his back and the streams of blood had flown

when he reached the top of golgotha and they put the old cross on the ground

this man was different from all the others he would not have to be held down

he laid down on the old cross and stretched out his feet and hands

but instead of hatred love was coming out of the eyes of this man

as they started driving the nails into the hands of Jesus Christ that day

the roman soldiers were looking into eyes of love from just 2 feet away

sweet forgiveness

sweet forgiveness oh can't you hear its call

how it longs to forgive it all

the deepest darkest secrets all of the shame

 just to call on the Lord Jesus' name

your heart is so burdened down with sorrow

and the pain you bear just seems to grow

the path you walk is dark as night

and nothing you do seems to go right

a voice calls from the depths of your despair

to cast upon me your every care

only i can take away all of your sin

sweet forgiveness just waits to come in

the world's hold on your life is too tight

 and you're too weak to win this fight

each and every day you slip further away

 from the very one who is the way

he says to your heart as many times before

 let me give you what you long for

i can wash your sin away and take the shame

and you will have a brand new name

the shepherd's side

when a lamb breaks its leg and it cannot move around

the shepherd comes to its side when it falls to the ground

he picks it up it his arms until the broken leg is healed

from then on the lamb stays by his side in the field

it found love in its time of need after trying to go its own way

because of the love it received by the shepherd's side it will stay

we all try to go our own way and do things on our own

after all is said and done we reap what we have sown

after all the damage is through when we have caused great harm

the only thing left to do is run right to Jesus' arms

we have love in our time of need after trying to go our own way

because of the great love we receive by the shepherd's side we will stay

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