Cowboy Roy's Gospel


my reason for living

today people in this world live for glory and fame

they hunger for wealth and power so everyone knows their name

they might think they've got it made but they don't have a clue

what is the reason for living well i'm going to tell you

Jesus is my reason for living he washed all my sins away

he freed me from my shackles changed dark night into day

i may not be rich or famous but i've peace down in my soul

because of what happened at calvary my sweet Jesus made me whole

people today think they have the answer you can control your own destiny

they don't realize what can happen if Jesus doesn't set them free

they can go on just like they are going just wasting their lives away

but as for me i'm going to serve Jesus until i am called away

wall crumblin God

one of these days that mountain that stands in front of me so tall

it's been there for years but soon it's gonna fall

just like these walls that have been built up are gonna go

just like the walls did for the children at the city of jericho

i've got a mountain crumblin' God he'll tear the walls away

if i can just believe and trust he can do it this very day

long ago people tried to build a tower to the sky

but they soon found it was much too high

for God sent it all crashing to the ground

no trace of the tower was ever to be found

these walls that have stood in my way

like that tower are gonna fall someday

i've got a wall crumblin God he'll knock them down with a word

they will not stand when he says fall so much power in the voice of the Lord

alpha and omega

i am the alpha & omega i was here before the world began

i know everything about you i hold you in the palm of my hand

my grace has no end and i love you so

i am always with you wherever you may go

in my likeness & image i created you to be

you are my child & i'm near if you ever need me

i give you breath and the beat of your heart

and i can dry all your tears if they begin to start

you will never have another friend like me

what do i have to do for you to see

i am the answer to all that you ever need

for i am the same yesterday, today and forever indeed

i made the universe and all you see in 6 days

i am always around and will never go away

i'm the one

they pierced his hands and feet but i'm the one who broke his heart

the burdens of my sin and shame tore him all apart

the pain of the nails were nothing compared to the wrong i had done

i'm the reason for it all yes i know i am the one

before i met the Lord i didn't know the meaning of sin

i wasn't serving my creator i didn't know i was hurting him

but ever since that night i fell down on my knees

i cried out to my savior and his blood set me free

my mind now rushes to the day that Jesus was crucified

the crown and soldiers were there but i'm the reason he died

i'm the one he took the nails for that was my crown of thorns on his head

he suffered so much and died in agony but i'm the one who should be dead

i'm the one who should've taken many stripes through an untold brutal attack

i'm the one who should've pulled a cross up golgotha upon my back

it should have been me hanging there in such shame and awful disgrace

but he let me go free and saved my soul by his mercy and wonderful grace

the great hands

those great hands that hold the universe put little babies back together again

they were put here for a special purpose but they were all killed by sin

they were ripped apart in the womb never to see,hear,touch or feel

they are human beings from conception but instead their lives they steal

thousands of them are being murdered and nothing is being done to stop it all

after each one is brutally killed from the eyes of the Lord tears fall

the first cry of the babies were never heard as their lives were so casually taken away

but up in heaven he puts them together and hears the joyful cries of praise

babies have a right to live just like we do they have a heart fingers toes and eyes

what can be done to stop this abortion while millions of precious little ones die

as each one returns to his glorious maker the heart of our great Lord is ripped apart

for too soon their lives were snuffed out before they even had a chance to start

but at least we know this one thing for sure their souls fly straight to heaven above

so the great hands that made them here can put them back together again with love

when the Lord gets my house ready

when the Lord gets my house ready i am going home

i'll be headed for the gates of heaven where i will never roam

my spirit will soar like a bird through the sky

to that wonderful land of the by and by

when the Lord gets my house ready i am going home

he began work on my house the night that i asked him in

i am so glad for that time i was set free from sin

a lot of time has gone by since he saved my soul

he's about done with my dwelling place up where the glory rolls

the floor is made of jasper and the walls are made of pearls

there is nothin to compare it too here in this old world

the ceiling is made with rubies windows are diamond lined

soon he will be finished with my mansion there so fine

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